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Baccarat online Instruction

Before playing baccarat betting, it is important to understand what is the baccarat card game.
We will divide this article into two main points: card path and betting, so that everyone can make money in baccarat online.

Why is baccarat so important?

The reason is because the card path is the law that records the whole game winning and losing process, and it has a certain reference value, so players can use these past history to predict the next baccarat opening result.

Board Routes

The “Board Road” is the simplest and most primitive way to record all of the road sheets, with 6 columns each and a total of 11 columns to record the results of each game of Baccarat, and the way to record them is as follows.

The order of result recording is from left to right, from top to bottom.

  • Banker win: red circle inside the written Banker.
  • Player win: blue circle with casual written inside.
  • Draw: Green circle with draw written inside.
  • Banker pair: A small red dot is written in the upper left corner of the circle of the game record.
  • Player pair: A small blue dot is written in the lower right corner of the circle where the game is recorded.

Big Road

In fact, “Big Road” is the most commonly used method in Baccarat. The way it is recorded is very similar to that of a chess board, except that the “and” in the green circle is presented as a diagonal line, and there are some slight differences in the way it is recorded as follows.

The record order is the same from left to right, from top to bottom, when the dealer wins and loses the game will be registered in a different line.

  • Banker win: Recorded with a hollow red circle.
  • Player win: Recorded with a hollow blue circle.
  • Tie: The result of the previous game will be marked with a green slash.

Baccarat online under three roads, as the name implies, is the following three roads.

In the big road, the red represents the dealer win and the blue represents the leisure win, but in the lower three roads, the red and blue have nothing to do with losing or winning, and are more directly related to the “rules of the card road”.

Assisted Judgment

In addition to the basic Baccarat board paths and major paths introduced above, the lower three paths belong to the role of supporting the major paths to make Baccarat predictions, using the opening rules to mark the card paths, for example, we often hear in Baccarat [single jump], [long dragon], are using the major paths to make the first prediction, and then look at the lower three paths to make auxiliary judgments, when the table should first observe the lower three paths to see if the card path rules have According to what you have in mind, if you observe the difference between the lower third of the Baccarat hand and the big openings, don’t rush to bet first! Continue to watch the trend until it stabilizes and then place your bet.

In short, the Baccarat lower three is actually one of the tools used to prove whether or not the card path is consistent with the prediction.

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